Abertillery Multi-Story Car Park

Abertillery | South Wales

Multi-Story Car Park

Abertillery | South Wales


Abertillery Multi-Story Car Park

Client: Blaina Gwent Council

The works involved the Design and Construction of a multi-million-pound 2 floor multi-storey car park structure, access roads, building works and associated retaining structures and external works in Abertillery.


The design life for the structure and fabric of the building was set at a minimum of 60 years so any rapidly deteriorating finishes could not be incorporated and all materials used had to comply with a minimum life cycle of 20 years before any major maintenance would be required.


The building had to give a good level of security and reach a minimum thief resistant standard along with obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate.


The project included excavations and drainage works, steelworks, louvre and panelled cladding, glazed block work and landscaping, such as pennant paving.

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