Encon Environment

Setting environmental construction standards

Encon Environment

Setting environmental construction standards

Environment construction projects require professional management, highly technical techniques and or work practices in order to complete. Critical environment construction includes projects where highly sensitive or technical challenges exist.


Encon Construction have the qualified and skilled team to ensure that we can meet and overcome these challenges and complete projects on time and cost effectively whilst meeting and exceeding our clients expectations.

We believe that the greater need for more environmental and sustainable design that it is not merely the use of energy-efficient materials, but involves the creation of products and systems that leave a light footprint on the environment over the full life-cycle from production to transportation, installation, use and renewal.

Encon Construction with its vast experience and skilled team is the company for all construction based projects within the environmental sector, We strive to be the best for all projects within the environmental sector. With our vast knowledge in dealing with all aspects of pollution containment and making sure we are always up to date with the latest regulations and adhering to them at all times, this reassures our clients with the knowledge that the project is safe from any incidents.

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