9 Priory Road Under Pinning & Refurbishment

Clifton, Bristol, England

9 Priory Road Under Pinning & Refurbishment

Clifton, Bristol, England

9 Priory Road Under Pinning & Refurbishment, Clifton

Client: Priory Road Management

This project required Encon Construction to underpin a residential building to provide a new and stable foundation as well as further undertake superstructure strengthening and remedial works to include connection of a number of the floors and walls.

The Clifton project was an extremely difficult contract to resolve a differential settlement issue, to a large Victorian property which has been divided into seven apartments. The job entailed underpinning to the perimeter and internal loadbearing walls of the building, which was made more difficult due to the lower ground floor and the partial basement conditions.

Temporary works both within the building and to a boundary condition played a huge part in the sequencing the work in conjunction with our temporary works designer. A twilight shift system was adopted in order to maximise production such that underpins were concreted every day, the concrete being pumped using a conventional pump and static line. The excavated material was removed from the building via a lower ground floor window on a conveyor system.

All services and drainage discharge had to be isolated and removed from the lower ground floor to facilitate the work and have been reinstalled to current regulations. The two lower ground floor apartments will effectively be reconstructed after being completely gutted prior to the underpinning activity commencing.

Key construction activities included:

  •  -Subsidence monitoring
  •  -Underpinning including piling
  •  -RC walls and raft floor
  •  -Drainage
  •  -Waterproofing and tanking
  •  -Building repairs and strengthening including stonework repairs
  •  -Internal building works and refurbishment

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