Commingled Materials Reclamation Facility, Norton

Worcester | Worcestershire

CMR Norton

Worcester | Worcestershire


CMRF Norton, Worcester

Client: Mercia Waste Management

The project comprises the design and construction of the 6,700-sq. m Co-Mingled Material Reclamation Facility, 800 sq. m fully air-conditioned offices and external works.


The external works include 6,600 sq. m concrete hardstanding, 2000 sq. m car park, and construction of a new access road to adjoining industrial property and Section 278 works to the highway.


Included in the civils design and construction was connection into the existing foul and surface water, pumping main, rainwater harvesting for recycling to the offices, fire main, external lighting, fuelling and wash down areas and 2 No weighbridges control building.


The building design included twin portal frame superstructure with composite micro-rib panels, cedar paneling and glazed curtain walling to offices, mechanically ventilated operations hall designed to achieve 3 a/c per hour of the 70,000-cu m facility, sprinkler system, electric/water maintenance points throughout and complete service installation including a 1MVA electrical supply. 


“Encon give us exactly what we need, they provide the best-fit. Our companies have worked well together on previous waste projects and Encon have proven capabilities in this field” – Director at Mercia Waste Management.

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