Women in Construction

“The success of the career changers programme is a direct result of focusing not only recruiting female career changers into construction roles but addressing the structural and cultural barriers that prevent women from entering or remaining in the workforce.”

Helping Women into Construction

During the recruitment phase of the project we directly engaged over 200 women who were interested in a career in the construction industry. The reason we were so successful was down to the grassroots engagement approach that targeted women where they were at.


Rather than holding one large recruitment event, we held a series of smaller events in local communities for accessibility. We also provided a creche to ensure that any women with preschool age children were still able to attend.


We promoted the event at local community centres, schools, libraries, shopping centres and via social media groups such as Cardiff Mums. We directed our advertising to the needs of women, actively promoting flexible opportunities. A video about the project can be viewed here alongside a film we put together about the project for Women’s International Day 2020 here.


In 2020 we were awarded the Constructing Excellence People Development and SME of the Year Awards as recognition of our commitment to equality and diversity within the construction industry and success of the Women into Construction Career Changers project.

Women into Construction Case Studies